How To Create An Effective Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Marketing On Mobile Platforms

Creating an app can be hard work, but marketing the app can be just as hard. It is important that you consider your mobile app marketing well before you actually launch the app. Waiting until the app is on the market to start marketing might seem like a good idea, but pre-launch marketing is a much if you want to be successful.

Start Long Before The Launch Date

Your marketing efforts should actually start as soon as you begin working on your app. Your marketing timeline needs to be a slow build up to the crescendo of your launch. Additionally, if you start thinking about marketing while you work on the app you will have a better understanding of how you can display the app to your target market. The principles you have used in the development of the apps should be part of your marketing. If you created the app to make people’s lives simpler then this should be how you market it.

Engage With Customers Often And Early

Early in your app creation phase, you need to get in contact with potential users. Not only will this help you determine whether or not your app suits their needs, you will also find out how best to market the apps to them. Social media is a good place to start with communicating with potential users. Not only will this give you information for your app, but you are planting the idea of the app in their minds so they know that it is coming.

This idea is important because it works as a pre-launch marketing tactic. When your potential users are kept up to date with what is happening with your app development you can build a hype to the launch date. This will also help more people download the app once launched to see if any of their ideas have made the final cut.

Don’t Forget About Email

With the increasing use of social media, a lot of people are forgetting about using email as a marketing tool. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing methods and you need to use it. If you do not already have a list you should look to build up an email list. To do this you can capture emails by offering updates for when the app is ready or some other incentive. Hiring a company to this is a smart move and has a very informative article on this.

If you have a newsletter you should include information about the app in it. If you are just creating your list you need to send regular updates about the app development. This will keep the app at the front of your potential user’s mind and you can easily direct them to a download link once it is ready.

Use Sneak Peaks

Sneak peaks work very well in pre-launch app marketing, but you need to do them right. Humans are primarily visual creatures so having a screenshot of parts of the app or a video clip of usage is recommended. These sneak peaks should be pair with an email capture system to increase your list for email marketing.