Various Advantages Of Cloud Server Hosting

There are many different types of hosting solutions available today including cloud hosting. There are a number of advantages of cloud hosting and many businesses are using different types of cloud hosting solutions for storage, hosting their website as well as for other uses. So, if you’re still concerned about cloud hosting, here is a list of some of the major benefits of using cloud hosting for your business.

The biggest advantage of cloud server hosting is that they are value for money. You pay almost the same amount as you would pay for a shared hosting but you are in complete control of the server that’s usually offered only in dedicated server hosting. In other words, cloud hosting offers you complete control over your server at a much cheaper price as compared to dedicated server hosting.

Another big advantage of cloud hosting is that it allows you to scale up or down at any time with just a few clicks. When you host your website on a cloud server, you do not buy servers but you buy resources for a particular period of time. It allows you to be in complete control of the resources that are needed at any given time.

If your website is going viral and you need more servers to handle the huge amount of traffic coming your way, you can just add servers to your package in just a few clicks and make sure your website remains fast and available. The good news is that you are not required to hold onto that those additional resources going forward. Once the spike in traffic has died down and is back to normal, you can just scale down the resources and keep paying only for the normal usage.

By allowing you to control your resources, cloud hosting also makes sure that there is no downtime. This is the reason many businesses have already moved to cloud hosting as their website is always fast as they can quickly add resources when needed.

While these are some of the major advantages of cloud hosting but there are several important things you need to consider while choosing a cloud server hosting provider. Due to the huge popularity of cloud hosting, a huge number of companies have jumped in this business. Hosting companies that were earlier offering only shared hosting or dedicated server hosting solutions are now also providing cloud hosting solutions but this does not mean that they are good at it.

You need to do some research in order to find a provider that is right for your needs. One of the companies that has earned recognition as one of the top managed Virtual Private Cloud hosting providers is Sky Iaas. They have over 25 years of experience in the industry and they offer a wide variety of services including desktop as a service, infrastructure as a service as well as true enterprise cloud for big businesses.

Since this is managed service, everything is completely customizable as per your needs at an affordable monthly fee. So get in touch with Sky IAAS today to discuss your cloud hosting needs.