Finding The Best Italian Restaurant In Toronto

There are many things that characterize Canada. An idea that its citizens are polite and welcoming, great ice hockey and wonderful natural vistas. It is a country that would reward visitors with a wonderful experience. But when it comes cuisine (aside from poutine) it seems to lack that snap and crackle that would put it on the culinary map.

In fact, it has loads to offer as far as a trip for the tastebuds is concerned. Look no further than Mediterranean taste is concerned. the influx of Italian folk who fled their home countries such as Italy has meant that Canada boasts a vibrant ex-pat community. The 1970s saw thousands of people of Italian descent call Canada their new home – and many opened restaurants. Today, the descendants of those emigres still provide meals to visitors to Canada – in places such as Toronto. So, for those who want that wonderful combination of natural beauty and want to find a great Italian restaurant in Toronto, here are some fabulous choices.

1. The Buca Osteria And Bar.

This is is a destination that oozes Italian charm, it has that ambiance that reminds one of a Mediterranean village – yet has a contemporary charm. It is simply a tossed salad of old and new worlds – and the menu reflects that. Everything on that menu is the best of both worlds – modern and intrinsically Italian. Try the salumi. It’s fabulous and has diners coming back for more. The pasta shines with the brilliance that chef Rob Gentile brings to the table. The simple idea of the cheese board is elevated to a new level under his more than able guiding hand.

2. Mattachioni.

Take your choice – a bakery and cafe – and great food. The pizza is fabulous – the sourdough base is mouth-wateringly good and the toppings are not too shabby either. A simple Margherita pizza sings with flavor. The salads serenade an accompaniment which should be enjoyed.

3. Cibo Wine Bar.

If you can make a good Rissoto you have out in the time to hone your skills. The Chef has taken a simple dish and transformed it into a thing of beauty. Not only easy on the eye, but also a delight on the tongue. The Calamari is something to delight as well – in fact, everything on the menu shines. Take home some of their Calzone. That Salumi needs to be emphasized – try some with great Prosciutto di Parma. The cheese is an indulgence that should be explored.

4. Ardo Restaurant.
‘You talking to me?’ You should be talking to chef Robert Marrotta who takes Sicilian cuisine to new heights in Toronto. Again, an owner/chef who has elevated rural simplicity to new heights when it comes to cuisine. Try the cheese. It is cream fulled goodness on a plate.

If you are in Canada, you owe it to yourself to take a seat at the dining table after investigating how to find a wonderful Italian restaurant in Toronto. Your tastebuds will thank you.